21 Most Popular Designer Handbags Worth Investing (14 – 21)

Designer handbags are actually all over the place now because many people think they are worth the investment. Despite being very expensive, here are the last 8 out of 21 most popular designer handbags that is worth investing :

14. Celine Luggage Tote

Celine Luggage Tote
Celine Luggage Tote

Out of all the handbags bearing the brand Celine, the Luggage is worth the investment the most, along with Celine Trapeze. Designed by the legendary Phoebe Philo, who gave tote bags their luxurious turn in 2009, the luggage was conceived as part of “a wardrobe, a practical ABC clothes,” as Philo told Gentlewoman, and is also one of the accessory items that will always fly off the shelves as soon as possible at any vintage shop.

15. Celine Trapeze Bag

A handbag of Celine is often one of the best designer handbags worth the investment, especially when it comes to the iconic Celine Trapeze. Available in numerous colors, finishes and sizes, with a smooth top handle and distinguishable travel wings.

16. Alexander Wang Rocco, FKA Coco

Alexander Wang is, ironically, one of the most popular when it comes to accessory items and designer handbags even though not a big fan of accessories. Designed in 2009, the Rocco became very famous, as soon as the Olsen got their hands, often combining it with equally rock-chic outfits. This bag is a go-to handbag if you’re a fan of glam-rock styled bags!

17. Gucci Dionysus Bag

Embracing the maximalist style of the creative director Alessandro Michele the most, Dionysus of Gucci, according to how it is named, is actually inspired by the myth and legend of Dionysus. It also celebrates the legacy of Gucci in the best way possible, and is the best investment for those who do not want to get rid of both worlds, ie, Michele visionary and a legend of Gucci.

18. Mulberry Alexa Bag

With many first ladies and princesses who are the ones who inspired fashion houses to change the name of their pieces during the twentieth century who have it-girl as the source of inspiration for a handbag in the XXI century, it was a natural consequence. Designed by Emma Hill in 2009, Mulberry Alexa is named after icon Alexa Chung, who still carries it around occasionally.

19. Stella McCartney Falabella

Stella McCartney Falabella
Stella McCartney Falabella

Falabella of Stella McCartney is Stella McCartney’s most famous piece for sure. It is also well-liked by the designer herself, as the bag was created specifically to earn respect for the environment, since it was one of the first designer handbags to be made of eco-sustainable and materials free of cruelty.

20. Balenciaga Classic City Bag

A designer handbag that is basically the best investment for anyone who loves to play and experiment with watercolor effects! Urban-chic, practical and elegant, is a great ideal investment for any occasion for sure, because it combines a street attractive Balenciaga with some of the coolest fashionista vibrations of all girls those between the nineties and ’00, carried it everywhere. Designed by Nicolas Ghesquière after the less famous Balenciaga The First Bag, Classic City of Balenciaga is one of Kate Moss’ favorite of all time, and is definitely worth owning if you are looking for something comfortable exuding the legacy of Balenciaga .

21. Loewe Puzzle Bag

Loewe Puzzle Bag
Loewe Puzzle Bag

Finally, this bag is a designer handbag only true bag addicts know, but that everyone learns to love eventually. Designed by designer Jonathan Anderson, who described it as “a soft, flexible pouch that moves very well,” Loewe puzzle bag “entered the market when everything was structured. It is a new language in a bag “. Anderson, the fashion designer, created the most iconic bag of Loewe after a trip through files or archives of Loewe, where a fake-leather old bag that inspired one of his most elegant items.

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