10 Things to Consider When Buying a Branded Bag Online

How about buying a handbag with a well-known brand online? For this one item you have to be careful because if you buy wrong, the value of the loss is not small. To be more careful, here are 10 things to consider when buying branded bags online.  

  1. Find out the condition of the goods

The authenticity of the goods can be seen from the condition of the goods. Reporting from Brightside, you must ask for a more detailed picture of the bag, for example neat seams without blemishes especially loose threads.  

2. Pay attention to the little things

There are ‘intakes’ that you should pay attention to, namely metal clasps, buttons, zipper pulls, and keys. The quality must be perfect and if the original bag, must have a number or name printed on the bag. For example, in every Hermes bag there is a ‘Hermes Paris’ logo made in France. Behind him shows the year and material used.  

3. Ensure the quality of the ingredients

There is a quality you will get for a high price, this applies to branded bags. Famous brands will not use rough leather, non-greasy or sticky skin trim.  

4. Serial number

This is the most important sign of the authenticity of a branded bag. The serial number label must be sealed and installed in a special way, it is impossible for someone to remove it without damaging it. Fake bags, usually have a sticker with a number located on the surface.  

5. The packaging is still complete

Usually branded bags are equipped with dust bags, cloth bags as protectors. Make sure this dust bag is not in the slightest defect. In addition, all additional accessories must be fully packaged in one package. There are also sellers who from the beginning said not to provide dust bags or sold separately, this must be ensured before buying.

6. Discounts sometimes ‘cheat’ Michaelkors Outlet

This offer can ‘darken’ the eyes of branded goods lovers because of price discounts. According to the official website of Banananina, a reseller who sells original bags of famous brands from America and Europe, the most important point is not to be easily tempted by low prices or discounts. Hold yourself and don’t fall into a trap yet, okay!

7. Store research

Shop selection is also very important, this is still related to the previous point. You can not buy in any place because it is prone to fraud. You must see the credibility of the store from the reviews or comments of buyers in the mass media.

8. Check Online Stores

After store research, you should choose a place of sale that has an offline store, not just online. That way you as a buyer can survey or just look at the products offered. In addition, the offline store can be seen whether he is serious about selling or not.

9. Ask for friend input

If you want to shop at foreign sites, you should be able to invite friends to shop together. “This is a trick to take into account taxes or duties when goods arrive. So they can be shared crowded and cheaper

10. Color determines price

If you want to look cool with a branded handbag without making a grimace wallet, this is the easy way. Color selection is very influential on the price of the bag. Usually, classic color bags, such as black or brown, will be more expensive than red or floral designs. Which tips are the most difficult to apply?

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