Two Way Bag (II)

  • Choose ingredients according to the impression you want to highlight

Bag material is also able to determine the impression displayed. There are so many materials that can be used to make bags. However, this time we will discuss the most commonly used materials, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather, and nylon.

  • Choose genuine leather, if you want a bag that is distinctive and durable

First of all, we will explain about genuine leather or also called leather. Genuine leather is generally made from cowhide, but some are made from sheep skin and crocodiles.

In addition, there are a variety of types of leather, such as leather with a shiny surface, enamel leather, processed leather, printed leather, and so on. Many manufacturers also produce leather bags, from local brands to well-known brands. However, you also have to be careful in choosing because the price of each product will differ depending on the main ingredient of the leather used. Usually, if the genuine leather comes from cow or sheep skin. Michaelkors outlet

However, for rare materials such as crocodile skin, of course the price will be higher, it might even surprise you. Although there are many variations of bags to choose from, consider bags with materials and prices that fit your financial situation.

  • Choose synthetic leather, if you want a waterproof bag and an affordable price

Other ingredients are synthetic leather or often called artificial leather or imitation leather. At first glance, the characteristics of this material feels similar to genuine leather, in a version that is much more affordable. If you do not have enough budget and are not too concerned with materials, you can make bags made of synthetic leather as an option.

In addition, both the color, design, and characteristics are also very varied and have their own uniqueness. Unlike real leather, synthetic leather doesn’t get dirty easily, it can even be washed with water without leaving any marks. That is why many argue that this material is suitable as a material for daily use.

Although it looks interesting, if you pay close attention, this material has the appearance of a less classy appearance. If you attend an event that requires you to look neat and classy by wearing a bag made from synthetic leather, the balance of appearance will be disrupted. In addition, you also need to remember that synthetic leather does not last as long as genuine leather.

  • Choose nylon, if you want a bag with a high degree of durability

The last material we will explain to you is nylon. We recommend this material for those of you who are looking for bags at the most affordable prices. Nylon itself is a fabric made from chemical fibers with prices that tend to be cheap. Although cheap, nylon has the characteristics of a very strong material plus it is equipped with a variety of other functional aspects.

Because nylon bags have a variety of color choices and unique designs, you can be more flexible when choosing products. Not only that, nylon is also very resistant to rain and wind, and is not easily damaged so it is widely used in products for outdoor activities. That’s what makes this material suitable as a backpack maker or just to accentuate the impression of a casual look.

However, even though it gives the impression of being casual, it can’t be denied also if the nylon material seems cheap. Therefore, be careful in choosing a design so as not to create a cheap impression and not interfere with your appearance when used to attend an event with a certain dresscode.


Two Way Bag (I)

The two way bag has a shape that allows you to use it in more than one usage method. In order not to choose the wrong product, we will first explain the points that you need to consider before buying. Come on, consider the following explanation!

  • Choose a bag with a combination of two styles that you like the most

Although referred to as a two-style bag, there are various types in each product available. This type of bag has several variations, such as a tote bag that can be changed into a boston bag with a large bottom. Then, there are also types of bags that can be varied depending on the straps and buttons.

One of the styles most often used as a combination is the shoulder bag style. Although both shoulder bags, appearance and use will differ depending on the original design.

  • A combination type of shoulder bag and tote / handbag that is ideal for everyday use

Speaking of two-style bags, bags with shoulder straps that can be used as both shoulder bags and tote / handbag are the most standard types. You can choose its use, either as a shoulder bag or tote / handbag as needed. By changing the style, the resulting impression will be different.

For daily use, such as going to college or work, you can use this bag as a tote bag. Then, when carrying heavy luggage, you can use this type of bag as a shoulder bag. In addition, how to carry it varies so that you can determine the desired impression. For example, a cute look by sling the straps diagonally or an adult look by holding them in hand. Michaelkors Outlet

  • Combination type of shoulder bag and clutch / mini bag suitable for parties or hangouts

The following types of two-style bags can be used as a shoulder bag and can also switch functions to a clutch or mini bag, simply by removing the shoulder strap. Because the load capacity is limited, you can only carry small items, such as wallets, smartphones, cards, and so on. This type of bag will also be very useful to use when attending a party or just hanging out with your friends.

In addition, we also recommend bags with a combination of bright colors, especially if your outfit seems plain or plain. By using it using a clutch or mini bag style, the appearance can be one level more attractive.

  • A practical combination of shoulder bag and backpack for outdoor activities.

The next type is a two-style bag that can be used as a shoulder bag and backpack. You only need to change or change the location of the rope to change the style. This type also has many variations of products suitable for use by both men and women.

Apart from being a shoulder bag and backpack, there are also types that can be used as well as handbags. We recommend this type of bag for those of you who often travel by motorcycle or do outdoor activities.

  • Choose a bag that fits your daily fashion style.

Another thing that is not less important is the suitability of the bag with your daily fashion style. People with a simple fashion style will usually fit a casual style bag. If you intend to use it to go to the office, a formal design bag will be more suitable. Then, for those of you who love the look of a classy look, a classy bag is the most ideal. However, most importantly, if a product suits your taste, matching and matching it with various outfits will feel easier.

But on the other hand, we also recommend that you be more courageous both in terms of design and color selection. For example, if you tend to wear dark outfits frequently, be brave enough to choose a bag with a bright color to make it look more attractive. It would be better if you choose a bag that fits your daily fashion style, but it doesn’t hurt too if you try a new look.

  • Choose ingredients according to the impression you want to highlight

Bag making material is also able to determine the impression displayed. There are so many materials that can be used to make bags. However, this time we will discuss the most commonly used materials, namely genuine leather, synthetic leather, and nylon. Choose genuine leather, if you want a bag that is distinctive and durable


Backpack with USB Charger by BackZip

Backpack bags from BackZip. This product was developed by 2 women entrepreneurs, Sophia and Danielle.
The first product will be launched around November or December 2016. There are 3 color variants, namely black / navy, black / gray, white / gray. Following are some of the superior features of Backzip bags.

1. Waterproof

No need to use an additional cover to protect this bag from water. The material of this bag has been tested so you don’t need to worry about the contents of your bag getting wet. It’s just that, still have to be on guard from Water. Although it has been declared waterproof, at the zipper there is a slight gap for water to enter.

2. Made of Kevlar Material Michaelkors Outlet

Not that this bag is bulletproof. But made from Kevlar material, this bag is stronger and suitable for heavy duty activities.

3. Integrated USB Charger

This is one of the unique features of the BackZip bag. You no longer need to worry that electronic devices will run out of battery. This bag is equipped with a USB charger that can provide sufficient electrical power.

4. Zipper Design on the Back

The design uses a zipper on the back, making this bag safer from thieves. As we know, backpacks or backpacks are very vulnerable when we are in a crowd like on a bus or train.

5. Simple and Modern Forms

The size is not too big, but also not too small. Make it easy for you to move freely without being burdened by the shape and size of the bag.

6. Quite Complete Compartments

To support your activities, this bag is designed to have a fairly complete compartment. Can load work equipment and laptops with a size of 15.6 inch. With these attractive features, this backpack is perfect for office or college activities.


What differentiates the quality of leather?

Leather fashion items do show a class of their own, making us look more masculine. But often we see significant price differences between one another. What distinguishes one leather material to be stronger and more durable, while others are easily damaged? Even if at first glance it seems almost no difference.

Before you know the difference, you need to know first how the process of supplying / manufacturing a leather material until finally it can be shaped into our favorite fashion items.

Provision Process Michaelkors outlet

  1. After the cow / livestock dies, the farmer immediately skins and separates the meat. Then the skin is brought to the tanning place.
  2. At the tanning place; hair, fat, protein and other oils are removed to clean. The skin that has been cleaned is usually called “wet blue”
  3. Then wet blue is put into a giant barrel for special oil, preservatives and coloring, then let it sit for several hours depending on the thickness of the skin. Even for thick skin it can take up to 20 hours, so that the oil and color soak into the inside of the skin.
  4. After the above process is finished, the skin is heated at high temperatures, then dried in the sun to dry with a certain humidity. Then the skin is given a finishing touch such as given a color and others. Finally, the skin is reheated and ready to be formed.

Which Differentiates Price and Quality

In the process above, the giant barrel used is very expensive, hundreds of thousands of dollars per piece. Oil, preservatives / dyes and dyes that are used also require no small investment. Craftsmen or small scale tanners usually only have a few casks. Therefore, to produce / produce the amount of leather that has been processed above in large quantities and also saves the use of equipment, usually these craftsmen shorten the process number 3 above by soaking for only a few hours, just enough of the outside is given a coloring.

The other difference is the quality of the liquid and oil used in the coloring process above, and of course the type and quality of the animal skin that is used itself which I will discuss in another article.


Tips for Choosing the Right Bag in Your Activities (II)

6. Envelope Bag for Formal and Non-Formal Activities

Almost the same as Messenger Bag, this bag is also called Envelope Bag because the design and shape resembles an envelope. You can use this bag in various situations and conditions. The thin and not too big design makes it easy for you to carry it. You can use this bag in a variety of formal and informal activities, such as going to the office, lecturing, or hanging out with your friends. Uniquely, this bag can be made as a Clutch because of its thin design so it is easy to hold.

7. Hobo Bag for Formal and Non-Formal Activities

Hobo Bag
Hobo Bag

You who want to look more girly and feminine, you can choose this Hobo bag for your daily activities. almost the same as a tote bag, this hobo bag also holds a lot of luggage. But this hobo bag is more suitable for formal events such as to the office or for meetings with clients. But for non-formal events like hangouts, you can still use this bag, but you should choose bright colors and avoid black and leather hobo bags, so that when you hang out you look more relaxed and casual. Michaelkors Outlet

8. Backpack (Backpack) For Various Casual Events

Now for this bag, you all already have it. This backpack can be used for various activities, especially for casual events. This bag is very comfortable to use because it has two straps that can be charged on the back so that if you carry quite a lot it doesn’t feel heavy. This bag is suitable for use when traveling. This backpack comes in various sizes, shapes and designs, for those of you who want to travel leisurely exploring cities or unique places at home or abroad, you can use a backpack that is small in size, but if you travel to the mountains, you can use special backpack for climbing. As you know, this backpack is also very suitable for school use. There are many activities that are suitable to use this bag, you are only smart in choosing the type.

9. Chest Bag for Traveling

Chest Bag
Chest Bag

For those of you who like to travel but don’t like it complicated, you can choose a Chest Bag to accommodate your gadget and also your wallet. Lately, Chest Bag has become popular among travel bloggers. In addition to your walks relaxed, your appearance is also more fashionable and casual.

10. Waist Bag for Casual Events

Besides Chest Bag, you can also choose a Waist Bag for your casual outings. The use of this bag will display a sporty and attractive impression. Moreover, this bag has a wide selection of basic ingredients, ranging from leather to parachutes.


Tips for Choosing the Right Bag to Wear in Your Activities (I)

From ancient times until now, the use of bags has a function to facilitate us in carrying luggage in large quantities. But with the development of fashion, the use of bags is now not only to make it easier to carry goods, but also as a support for appearance to make it look more stylist or fashionable. No wonder nowadays there are many different kinds of bags with various names and shapes. There are types of backpacks, totes, purses, clutches, messenger bags, to handbags. But unfortunately, many people are still confused to choose the type of bag that is suitable for a variety of activities that he will do. So many cases are found when the bag is worn, not matching the event or clothing worn. For this reason, this blog will share tips on choosing the right bag to accompany all sorts of activities, like what? let’s check it out!

1. Clutch For Formal Occasion


At present, Clutch type bags are the main choice for formal events such as invitation, gala dinner, or awarding night, etc. The elegant and luxurious impression that you get when you hold a bag like a wallet is indeed an attraction and makes you look classy. For formal events the selection of Clutch in neutral colors like silver, gold, black, is perfect for supporting your elegant appearance.

2. Bucket Bag for Hangouts with Friends

Bucket Bag
Bucket Bag

This bag is called a Bucket Bag, because its shape is inspired by the shape of a bucket. Usually this bucket or pouch bag design is like a pocket with a drawstring with a shoulder strap that is worn on the shoulder or can also be used cross body. This type of bag is suitable for all types of casual events such as hangouts with friends, trips to the mall to traveling, can also be used for a special office for those of you who do not carry office papers or documents related to the office. In addition, the use of this bag can also make you look more stylist and casual and more relaxed.

3. Tote Bag for College Activities Michaelkors Outlet

Eits, don’t think that the tote bag is only suitable for shopping at the supermarket or at the market. Because with designs that are made more fashionable and up to date, you can use tote bags for a variety of casual events or lectures and also offices. With its large size, it can be used to hold a lot of luggage, or groceries. This tote bag is also very suitable for family picnics or with your friends.

4. Sling Bag (Crossbody Bag) For A Walk To The Mall

Sling Bag
Sling Bag

You are the type of person who does not want to be complicated, really suitable to use a Sling Bag. This bag is usually small in size, which only fits into a gadget, wallet and maybe a little make up kit for you to touch up later. With its small size makes it easy for you to do your activities and it doesn’t look complicated. Using this Sling Bag also makes you look more casual, fashionable when traveling. Sling Bag is usually used by slung on the shoulder in accordance with the length of the Sling Bag strap.

5. Messenger Bag For All Casual Events And College Activities.

If you have a Messenger Bag, you can use this bag to go to college, or you can use it for various casual events, such as traveling. It’s just that you need to adjust the colors to match the color of the outfit you are using. For more information, this bag is called Messenger Bag because the model is similar to the sling bag used by the postman when delivering the letter.


How to Choose Bags for Women

Women are usually happy to see a nice bag. I am also so. Especially if the discount bag. When buying a bag there are various considerations that are usually made. Quality is certainly a consideration. Another consideration is the function, model, material, and color. Here are some things that can be used as a guide when buying a dream bag.

The Most Popular Types of Women’s Handbags

Ever heard the term woman is a super complex creature? Maybe one answer can be seen from various types of women’s handbags on the market. At least, there are 40 types, you know! Lots of! Below are a few kinds of women’s bags that you can know

– Mini Backpack.

This item is suitable for sporty KeNai Companions. Its use is more often used to accompany casual activities.

– Cross Body Backpack.

Very similar to the mini bacpack, but this variant has a characteristic. This bag consists of one strap so that it only fits for light items.

– Messenger Bag.

This variant is inspired by the postman. The character, rather large size and simple shape. This bag is suitable for Friends of KeNai who don’t like crowded models.

– Tote Bag. Michaelkors Outlet

This variant is intended for Friends of KeNai who often carry a lot of things. Tote bag is able to load many items with one hand model. The material for making it is very diverse, ranging from leather, knitting, and canvas.

Tips for Choosing Women’s Bags

Already know all kinds of women’s bags? Next, I will discuss various other considerations when choosing a bag. Some of them:

– Rope length.

Long strappy bags often make the burden on the shoulder feel more heavy. It’s a good idea for Friends of KeNai to choose a short-laced product and not be too small.

– Weight.

Too heavy a burden has the potential to cause neck strain, headaches, and even muscle injury. We recommend that you still a decent default weight that is equal to 10% of the wearer’s body weight.

– Size.

Adjust bag size based on needs. Don’t choose too big or too small. Align according to the body portion of the Friends of KeNai.

– Material.

If this adjusts to the tastes of each user. The choice of ingredients can also be based on their usefulness. It also can beautify the appearance. Do not hesitate to try various bags before buying it. Sometimes, this method is needed to determine whether the bag chosen is suitable and comfortable in the body.


Five Ways to Clean and Take Care of a Suede Bag

Having a bag made of suede material is difficult and easy to do the cleaning and maintenance. Suede is basically made of cowhide, snake, sheep crocodile or animal skin which is commonly used for fashion materials on shoes, clothes, jackets, pants and bags. The difference is suede is the inner skin which is sown or often called young skin. Here are tips on cleaning and caring for suede bags:

1. Preparing materials and tools needed such as towels, paper towels, soft brushes, white vinegar, pencil erasers, suede cleaners or suede protectors. Basically the liquid when exposed to suction towels by pressing the towel right on the stain listed on the suede bag for a few moments. It is better not to rub it, it will only make a stain on your suede bag spread. Preferably, to make it easier for you to use a hair dryer, it’s just that from a distance not a distance that is too close.

2. Bags made of suede need to be maintained for their shape and support. For the sake of maintaining its shape, you should fill this bag with lumps of used newspaper. The thing to remember, if the inside of your suede bag is light colored, you should avoid newspaper. So just use white oil paper. Avoid not filling the bag with plastic which will damage the inside of the bag. Before disinpan, you should also put slica gel in this bag, then put it in a sarong or cover bag, then keep it in a non-moist container.

3. Remember, for dry conditions, brush the suede down to return to its original shape. We recommend using a soft brush. Don’t forget to spray with a suede protector that can be purchased at a skin care supplies store. Michaelkors Outlet

4. To remove ink stains, it is recommended to dry by removing it using a pencil eraser. We recommend using a white eraser for a brightly colored suede bag. And a dark eraser for matching suede bags. When doing it slowly. Remember suede must be treated with patience, patience and great accuracy.

5. If the stain is still stubborn, you should use a towel moistened with a little white vinegar, aka white vinegar and gently rub on the part. If the ink absorbs into the towel, you should be careful to wet the clean side of the other towel in the same way to clean other stains. Do not absorb the towel stained with white vinegar that is used to clean the other stains will actually absorb.


Tote Bag for Plastic Replacement Can Also Impact Bad, What to Do?

Plastic waste is one of the big threats to the Earth, especially the sea and its inhabitants. Have you seen photos of sea animals caught in plastic trash? Of course it feels bad to see them. Therefore, now the campaign to reduce plastic waste is getting more intense. We are urged to reduce the use of plastic, including in the form of shopping bags.

So that shopping bags made of plastic are reduced, people also prefer tote bags for shopping, because it can be used repeatedly. Unfortunately, although it is more environmentally friendly than disposable plastic bags, tote bags, whatever the material, apparently requires more energy to produce, distribute and recycle. Yep, tote bags can also have adverse effects. Hmm … then, what should we do? Come on, find out from this explanation:

More Expensive Recycling Process

Do you know? The recycling process is costly. Unfortunately, it requires a more expensive recycling process to separate the different materials. That way, as a result the bag that can be used repeatedly is not recycled. That means, despite its good intentions to replace plastic shopping bags, shopping bags such as tote bags will also end up in landfills.

Moreover, tote bags are now used as part of product promotion or marketing. This means, there are many bags that are used once (not even used at all), then end up in a trash can. In addition, not all bags that can be used repeatedly are equal in terms of their ability to be recycled. There are various types of reusable bags, ranging from large size to small folds and into pockets. There are bags that are thick and strong, but some are thin.

Bags that are used repeatedly are generally made of several types of material. In its life cycle, strong and heavy bags, whatever the material (although cotton is the worst), will have a greater impact on the environment. This is because heavier bags use a lot of resources in their manufacture and distribution.

What should we do? Although it can have a bad impact, tote bags are still slightly better than plastic bags. Now, to reduce the negative impact on the environment, there are several things we can do: Michaelkors Outlet

Tote Bag
Tote Bag

1. Donate too many tote bags

If we have lots of tote bags and don’t want to keep them, don’t throw them away right away. We can donate it.

2. Use Hundreds of Times

We should use tote bag as many times as possible. According to one study, we have to use cotton tote bags 327 times to reach the carbon use ratio. In comparison, paper bags only need to be worn 7 times and plastic bags 2 times.

3. Wash the Tote Bag

Tote bags used for shopping for groceries are likely to contain lots of bacteria. If the bag is used to carry meat, fish, fruit or vegetables, wash it diligently. It is recommended to wash it every time we wear it to the market. We can also separate tote bags for wet and dry food to prevent bacterial contamination.


Important Points When Buying a Laptop Bag

Today, most people need a laptop to work. This portable computer is easier to carry, which makes us able to complete tasks anywhere. Although it is not a major necessity, but still, the laptop needs to be maintained so that it can be used for a long period of time. One of them is to store the laptop in a bag.

By putting it in a bag, we can keep the laptop from collisions, keeping the temperature of the laptop so that the moldy, and also so as not to blister the outside body. Laptop bags are also very useful if we need to work outdoors. Putting the laptop in a special bag makes it easier for us to carry it anywhere when needed.

When buying a laptop bag, there are points to consider, including:

– Bag Modal and Compartment

Just like when choosing a bag in general, choosing a laptop bag also needs careful consideration. Like for example for the model and also the bag compartment. There is a backpack model and there is a tote bag model for laptop bags. You can choose which one is more comfortable for you. If you prefer to carry a laptop load on both shoulders because it feels lighter, then you can choose a backpack model bag.

Also pay attention to the compartment in a laptop bag. When carrying a laptop, of course you also need to bring a charger, mouse, etc. for your convenience when working outdoors. Make sure the laptop bag you choose has a slot or several spacious compartments so you can organize your needs neatly.

– Adjust Laptop Size to Need Michaelkors Oultet

Compute the size of the laptop bag you will buy. Of course you have to buy one that fits the size of your laptop. Avoid choosing bags that are too large. Because, this makes the laptop easily shifted and more vulnerable when exposed to shocks.

Also avoid buying a laptop bag that is too small because it can cause crushed laptops that are at risk of cracking on the laptop screen.

Laptop Bag
Laptop Bag

– Material used

Another thing you should consider next is the material used for laptop bags. Choose the best material so that the bag can last longer. With good material, the bag will be easier to accommodate a large enough load.

Generally laptop bags use materials such as nylon, leather, or canvas material. You can adjust the selection of bag material to your type of activity. Such as you are more active outside the room, of course, bags made of leather dear to use. It is better if you use a nylon bag because it is more suitable for use outdoors.

– Adjust with Funds

There are many choices of laptop bags on the market. You can choose a branded or ordinary one though. For branded, though expensive, but the quality does not need to doubt. You can save even more by buying branded bags because in a long time you do not need to buy a new bag again.

However, you should adjust the laptop bag that you buy with existing funds. If indeed your funds are tight and you need a laptop bag in the near future, then buy according to your budget. Only later if there are more funds, you can buy another laptop bag that is more expensive and better so it is more durable.


Shown Fashionable? These are 5 bags that men must have

Who says appearing fashionable only belongs to women? Nowadays men are also starting to pay attention to the quality of their appearance, you know. One of the supporting appearance of the men is a bag. In addition to appearing more fashionable, bag models favored by men must also function to support their activities. C’mon, pay attention!

1. Laptop Bag

For businessmen, office workers, and entrepreneurs, a smart and professional appearance is mandatory. This wide-sized laptop bag can be used to store documents and other work support items. The official and neat model can reflect professionalism and support workplace performance.

2. Sling Bag

Not only seem serious, the men also occasionally want to look casual. Well, a sling bag can be one of the mainstays when you want to appear relaxed. The model is simple and fresh can give the impression of young and dynamic. For those of you who want to look practical, sling bags can also be an alternative style choice that is okay.

Waist Bag
Waist Bag

3. Backpack Michaelkors Outlet

For men who are attached to a variety of outdoor activities and sports, a backpack with a large capacity and multifunction is the right choice. This bag is a man’s favorite because it can be used for all kinds of events, from those of you who are still in school or college, to sports or outdoor activities that need to carry a lot of gear.

4. Pouch dan Clutch

The trend of pouch and clutch now is also reaching men, of course with a more masculine and cool appearance. This one man bag has a variety of shapes and uses, one of which can be a substitute for a wallet or bag for storing money, cellphones, powerbank and other small items. Suitable for you who want to look practical but still manly.

5. Waist Bag

The men like this bag because of its sporty model with a small size without a lot of space. The appearance also gives the impression of being macho and being the right choice for hanging out and relaxing walks.

Well, that’s a must-have men’s bag review to support your appearance.


Trend Handbags 2020

Bags become one of the important accessories for women. Because the function of the bag can support your daily appearance.

Talking about bag model trends, every year will change. For 2020 there have also been various predictions of stylish trendy bag models.

Therefore, you must know what kind of bag will become a trend in 2020, because it is important to support the appearance of yourself, also so as not to be out of date. Are you curious, what kind of bag model mentioned will be the trend next year?

– Tote Bag

Good news for lovers of large bags or tote bags, which serve to carry a lot of luggage. Tote bag is predicted to be one of the bag models that will dominate the 2020 fashion world. Get ready to have the collection!

– Extra mini bag

Don’t like carrying large bags? Relax, it turns out that an extra-sized mini bag, its size is very small. Maybe this bag is only capable loading lipstick and money without a wallet. In 2019 the extra mini bag was popularized by the world fashion house, Jacquemus. But 2020 is predicted to still dominate the fashion world.

– Fan Shape Bag Michaelkors Outlet

Maybe some of us are very familiar with the shape of the bag design that looks like a fan. Because you are accustomed to seeing mother or grandma’s collection bags at home. This silhouette fan bag is also predicted to be widely used by women in 2020.

– Lady Like

This handbag, which usually comes in medium size, is equipped with a top handle accent, right at the front facing up. This bag is predicted to be one of the classic newfangled bags that will re-trend next year.

– Soft colored bag

Do you love soft and feminine colored bags, like milk chocolate, nude, beige nude? Congratulations! Bags that come with soft colors will be hits for 2020. Do you have the collection?

– Say my name

This bag has the same shape as a tote bag, canvas bag or shoulder bag. There are medium to large sizes, designed with a logo design in the form of a brand name and symbol or a luxury fashion house located in the front center of the bag. You must have it because it can be a characteristic of your personal style, which many people will remember.



For some people sewing is a very pleasant hobby. Not only that ability when sewing can also be a job that can increase income. Moreover, for you who is a real housewife, you can make sewing skills as a mainstay when you have free time.

Surely you are already familiar with tote bags which are popular tote bags at the moment. The material used by thick itself is a canvas fabric, cotton fabric, corduroy fabric, denim fabric, and also polyester fabric. Actually, the factory itself has existed since ancient times, which at this time has been booming again with a much more modern model.

Because tote bags are one of the most sought-after bags now, can you make your own tote bag with simple materials. Let’s see how to make it: Michaelkors Outlet

At first you are required to prepare a sewing machine, sewing thread, sewing needles, pencil scissors, ruler fabric and other equipment. You also have to determine how big the size of the tote bag you will make.

The next step you must cut the fabric that matches the size that you have applied. Make sure you cut the fabric and get 2 pieces of rectangular shape or the same size.

After that, you can also make a tote bag body where you have to combine the two pieces of square fabric in a line of sight. Then sew on the left, right and bottom. Then smear it on the edge of the fabric so it doesn’t break down.

Next you can also turn the body of the tote bag, so that the inside is on the outside. Next you have to tidy up the gap at the top of the mortar by using the technique to involve the top inwards then you can cover it by using a straight stitch pattern.

The next step you can do is fold the body upside down into three elongated parts and then you have to mark the folds using a pencil. This fold will make it easier for you to put the bag hanger.

And the last step you can put the hangers on is the part that you marked before. Then sew the bag hangers together and you can get a tote bag from your own creation.


Tips for Solving a Stuck Bag Zipper

Constraints that often occur when using a bag with zipper are jammed or damaged. Especially if we are in a hurry when taking items in a bag, we usually accidentally close or open zippers without caution, resulting in a slider with a rail jam. Unfortunately, this can lead to alienation of the bag or not being used anymore because the bag is deemed damaged. Well, if your favorite bag is having problems with zipper, here is an easy solution that you can do in just 5 minutes :

– Soap

The reason for a zipper bag to become jammed is usually due to the bag compartment thread being stuck. So the easiest way to overcome this is to smooth the rails on the zippers. You can use a bar of soap or liquid by applying a little to the jammed part, then gently pulling it until the zipper returns smoothly.

– Candle

The second simple way that you can apply is to use a candle. Yup, it’s as easy as soap, you only need to rub the candle stick on the zipper bag. When it can return to normal, do not forget to clean the remnants of the wax attached to the zipper.

– Crayon Michaelkors Outlet

Just in case, if you don’t have wax at home, you can use crayons instead. In fact, crayons have exactly the same oil content as waxes. So, the way is very easy. All you have to do is rub the crayon stick on the stuck zipper rail until it can be moved again. To remove the remaining color of the crayons that stick, you can clean it with soap or wet tissue.

– Lotion

In a way, this solution is the most efficient way for you to do it. Namely by using various types of lotions that are available at home. Lotion contains oil that can smooth the zipper rails quickly. You can use hand cream to be a savior when a jam occurs on the zipper while traveling.


How to distinguish genuine or fake famous brand bags

Bags are important accessories for women. So, don’t be surprised if many women have collections of bags that are full of one closet!

In addition to supporting appearance, some women actually make bags as social benchmarks. The socialite woman will choose an expensive branded bag, to match her makeup that looks luxurious and elegant.

Every year, there are just the latest trends released by world-class bag manufacturers. Career women will certainly not be left behind seeing the up-to-date prices and trends in the latest bags. A trendy and branded bag becomes a social prestige and shows the image of its owner. So it’s only natural that women are willing to spend their money, or maybe their husband’s money, to buy expensive branded bags.

Quality bags are bags that are made with high accuracy, using high quality materials, exclusive designs and made from the hands of world-class first-class designers. The bag becomes very expensive, if coupled with expensive accessories too.

For designers, his work bag is his reputation. If the bag turns out to be of poor quality, then its reputation will drop. Therefore, the quality of a branded bag is more guaranteed.

But did you know how to distinguish branded bags are genuine or fake? Here’s how to distinguish it, for example LV bags.

– The Logo Michaelkors Outlet

The logo on the LV bag is fake, the stitch path is not neat, even the logo of the bag is cut off by the grooves of the stitches at the edges. The stitches also appear to be disconnected, so they appear to be cut off. In addition, there are elements of color that tend to be less attractive on the bag. Then we can be sure, that the LV bag is fake.

The original product of LV bag, the logo placement is really symmetrical. The logo is rounded like the letter “O”. In addition, for this type of one-color bag, the inside of the LV bag is made of brown canvas, decorated with brass logo.

Since decades ago, this bag already has a date code printed on the outside leather. However, LV bags made in the United States, are slightly different from LV bags made in other places, such as France, Spain and Italy. The difference can be from the quality, it can also be from the material used.

– Color and Layer of the Bag

In the original LV product bag, you will find several layers. These include canvas, which can be red or brown, then a fine micro textile layer, then a leather material undergoing a machine finishing process, an on tone polyester layer or a microfiber suede layer.

Its counterfeit products, usually only have a layer made of plastic, or fake leather with a brown color only.

– Bag Stitching

Next, pay attention to the stitches of the bag. Stitches from the original bag are sewn with meticulous detail. For Speedy LV series bags, for example, always have five uniform stitches, both on the top and bottom.

Make sure first that the bag has stitches that are really neat and uniform. If not, then it is confirmed that the bag is fake. Right and left bag handles are also uniform in the seams. The bag is fake, if the bag handles on the right and left are different in shape, or the number of stitches.

– Price

Believe it or not, if the bag you are going to buy is only about 30 percent of the original price, then the bag is definitely not genuine!

So, if you have checked the prices on the official LV bags website, then found a store selling at prices below that, even the price is less than 30 percent the price of the original bag, then the bag is not an original bag.

The only one who can get a discount from the LV brand bag is the employee himself, that is also not often, you know!

So, if there is a Louis Vitton bag that is on sale, or discounted, then that bag is a fake bag.


5 Old Style Handbags that are Trendy Again

It has been stated several times, that changes in the fashion world always revolve from time to time, no? Well, this time it was proven, handbag that had become a trend in the 50s now turned out to be a hit among teenagers, especially adults.

Handbag with a very elegant model and of course make it chic when wearing it, will be more confident when using it on the show. Want to know, what kind of handbag? The model is old-fashioned or just contemporary huh? Let’s just jump in, so I’m even more curious.

1. The round shape is filled with silver sequins and there is a short chain. Michaelkors Outlet


2. This one handbag, there are milky white sequins in the shape of medium and small ones


3. Handbag dengan bahan yang sangat bagus, dan telihat lemas saat memegangnya.


4. Same is the case with this handbag, made of sequins shaped like a pearl shell.


5. Maroon bludru is very elegant and of course with the addition of a very classic motif.


Wallet history

A wallet is a kind of small bag that is used to carry personal items such as cash, credit cards, and identification documents (SIMs, identity cards, club cards, etc.), photos, transit passes, gift cards, business cards and paper or cards other laminates. Purses are generally made of leather or fabric, and are usually made in pocket sizes and can be folded, either doubled or tripled, making it easy to put in a pants pocket or skirt but at present there are several types of wallet that cannot be folded.

The word “wallet” has been used since the end of the 14th century to refer to bags or backpacks for carrying goods (for example knapzak in Dutch and Frisian). The wallet was first created around the 17th century in Europe after paper currency was introduced. Previously, the currency used was in the form of coins and carried in a drawstring bag. The bag is usually tied to a belt. After the paper currency emerged, people began to need a practical place to carry money. Finally, a simple wallet the size of banknotes was made from cow or horse leather. Just like a pocket for a coin, a wallet is still generally tied to a belt. Until 1834 the use of the term “wallet” had the meaning of a “flat container for carrying paper currency” but in the 19th and early 20th century this understanding became one of many meanings to describe “wallet”.


A Michaelkors Outlet modern two-fold wallet with several “card slots” became standard wallets in the early 1950s with the introduction of credit cards. Some innovations included the introduction of a wallet that used velcro covers in the 1970s. Pocket-sized wallets remain popular today.

In the 21st century wallet began to develop by highlighting the trend and fashion but still has the same function. At present the development of the wallet is not only in terms of trends and fashion but also changes in its function by making a minimalist style wallet that can only carry paper money and a few pengting cards such as identity cards, ATMs and credit cards, or a wallet that develops by adding its function as a cellphone bag or small tablets in order to be enough to carry a container that is easy to carry, on the ground or sling.


The history of a bag

Initially the bag only serves to carry goods, but now its function is more to beautify the appearance or for fashion purposes only. Most people, especially women, are very concerned about the compatibility between the clothes he was wearing with the bag he was carrying.

Model bags that we often use today actually come from handbags / handbags that are commonly used by people in ancient times.

New bags are as popular now as the historic events of the second world war, when many adverts were adorned in magazines and newspapers that displayed a variety of bags and models. Michaelkors Outlet

At that time, bags were only made of simple materials such as synthetic leather, cloth and vinyl. Because genuine leather is quite rare and expensive, synthetic leather is made as an alternative to the use of leather as a raw material for bags. Synthetic leather dominates as much as 60% of leather bags on the market.

In addition to the material mentioned earlier, there is also a paper bag or thick paper that was originally used by the Chinese during the Tang Dynasty. Chinese people used to use this paper bag to store various items including tea.

In addition to paper bags that were originally used by Chinese people, the world community itself was only beginning to recognize bags as bread wrappers. After that came the plastic bags that were marketed around 25 – 35 percent and eventually circulated massively on the market. At this time, plastic bags themselves are easily found in supermarkets because they are used instead of paper bags.

History records that the Egyptians used bags around the 14th century, although other historical writings mention that the ancient Egyptians also used waist bags for traveling.

Waist bags are also commonly used as waist fastening belts. The embroidery and decoration on the bag reflects the person’s social status. This is because more and more luxury means the bag is increasingly difficult to make.

In the 16th century, handbags or tote bags were created that were easier and more practical to use in daily activities. The manufacturing material is made of leather which has fastening buttons on the top.

In this age travel bags are larger and are worn by crossing them to the body. A new fashionable bag that emerged in the 17th century, was marked by the emergence of a variety of small sized bags that have many shapes and models.

Women at that time also made beautiful embroidered bags and were used to marry later. During its development, more and more beautiful and unique bags and crafts produced by women at that time.

Entering the 18th century neo-classical fashion trends emerged which were very popular with minimal clothing models or were open for women. This fashion trend makes small bags or purses look inappropriate when carried. Therefore, women in this age began to use handbags.

Women also have various types of bags that have different functions and their use is adjusted to the activities undertaken. This is again influenced by magazines and media which both explain and popularize this.

Although the shape of the bag is different, the contents of the women’s bags are more or less the same. Ie, containing makeup equipment such as wallets, powder, lipstick and perfume.

Thus the information on the history of the bag that we can summarize, hopefully it will help and benefit us all.


How To Take Care Of A Canvas Bag For Long Lasting

How to care for a canvas bag is quite tricky, but with the right steps, it can be done easily at home. Depending on the design and motives, you can use it for casual occasions, to campus, office, hangout with friends, or traveling.

But these two materials have a different character compared to leather bags. If exposed to dust or dirt, it will dull faster and tend to be difficult to clean. Therefore, a bag of this material if not treated properly will speed up the end of the life of your favorite bag. There are special ways or tricks for caring for bags made of cloth or canvas, which are certainly different from leather bag care. Follow these tips, so that your bag can be durable and always look new.

1. Clean the mild stain using a wet cloth Michaelkors Outlet

Do not rush to clean a stained canvas bag using running water. Instead of being clean, your canvas bag is even more damaged, deh! To clean a dirty canvas bag with food stains or dust, try cleaning it using a damp cloth.

Also note the type of fabric used to clean canvas bags. Make sure to choose a cloth that has a smooth texture so as not to damage the canvas material. The trick, wet the cloth with water, then wring it out and clean it gently on the dirty canvas bag until the stain disappears.

2. Fill the canvas bag fully when cleaning it

To keep the texture and shape of the canvas bag durable, make sure you fill the canvas bag fully while cleaning it. This can also give the maximum effect to remove various impurities that stick to the canvas bag.

Before cleaning the canvas bag using a wet cloth, fill the bag using a plastic pile, used paper or cloth until it is full. Then, clean all the stains using a wet cloth while holding it at a 45 degree angle. Clean gently until the stain completely disappears.

3. Use baby shampoo to remove stubborn stains

Not infrequently, the canvas bag you wear is also susceptible to stubborn stains. Like food stains, coffee, tea, soda or oil drinks. The stains are quite difficult to remove using only a damp cloth. Therefore, you need cleaning fluid to remove stubborn stains.

Canvas Bag
Canvas Bag

In order not to damage the texture of the hard canvas fabric, you can use soft baby shampoo. The texture of the baby shampoo is powerful enough to remove stubborn stains without damaging the canvas fabric. The trick, drop enough baby shampoo on a bowl of water. Stir briefly until slightly foamy. Then, use the edge of the cloth to clean the stained part of the bag. Rub gently until the stain is maximal.

4. Avoid drying the bag under the direct sun

After washing thoroughly, it’s time to dry your canvas bag to the maximum. It is better not to dry the canvas bag using a dryer in the washing machine, because it can damage the fabric’s texture.

Preferably, dry the canvas bag that has been washed by aerating for 6 hours or overnight until it is completely dry naturally. Avoid drying in the direct sunlight, because it will make the bag’s texture stiff, hard and easily torn.

5. Keep canvas bags neatly in the cupboard

The last way you need to do to keep the canvas bag durable, of course, save it in the right way. Save the canvas bag in a special cloth or pillowcase that has been given silica gel, then store it in the closet if you do not want to be used for a long time.

Or you can also use camphor in a special bag storage box so it is not damp and moldy. Not only that, try the tricks of storing a canvas bag by filling it with soft cloths before putting it in a closet to maintain the quality of the fabric and keep the shape of the canvas bag durable.


Types of Materials Used for Bag Production

Bag lovers and collectors are certainly familiar with a variety of quality bag materials that are commonly used to make the best bag products in the world, right?

The selection of the right bag material is very important because this will determine the quality of the bag. For those of you who have been wondering about what kind of good material, the following discussion about the types of bag materials according to the bag model and its use.

1. Leather bag material Michaelkors Outlet

Usually, leather is used for premium quality bags from top-class bag manufacturers. Leather is very high quality and has many advantages such as being easy to cut, to shape, and to look very exclusive.

The beauty of leather makes this one the most favorite choice for bag lovers. Usually, leather is made into office bags, hand bags, clutch bags, to laptop bags.

2. Cloth bag material.

Cloth Bag
Cloth Bag

Judging from its type, cloth bag material has choices and the most popular is the cloth material named katub. Cloth bags are chosen because the price of the material is cheaper and the manufacturing process is quite easy.

You can make your own cloth bags or order them directly from the seller because there are currently many cloth bag products with attractive designs. This bag is very fitting when used for daily purposes or for certain occasions.

3. Rubber bag material

One thing that makes rubber bags a choice of quality bag materials is that the material is very easy to find anywhere. With the choice of the appropriate model and design, actually rubber bags can also look stylish and trendy. However, making rubber bags is not easy, so if you want maximum results must be done by experts.  

4. Canvas bag material

Canvas material is one type of material that is widely used for various fashion items, especially backpacks for everyday. The material has thick fiber and is also very strong, making it suitable for making quality backpacks. There are several types of canvas material that can be used, but the choice of the best canvas material is soft baby canvas and the most superior quality.

5. Denim bag material

Not only made for pants, jackets, and shirts, denim bag material is also widely used as material for making bags because its quality is guaranteed. Besides being strong, denim also looks more casual so it is suitable for a variety of semi-formal or non-formal activities. Denim material will be more attractive when combined with other materials so it looks more luxurious.

6. Satin Bag Material

Satin bag material is not only used to make clothes, but is also widely used as a base for premium quality bags.

The characteristics of satin material that feels thin and shiny make this material often also used as decoration and decoration on other bags.

Another advantage of using satin to make preium bags is that this material is quite difficult to imitate especially if the original design is very unique and distinctive.

7. Polyester Bag Material

Polyester Bag
Polyester Bag

The next bag material which is quite widely used is polyester. Generally, polyester is used to make various types of tote bags such as backpacks, laptop bags, or children’s school bags.

Lots of advantages possessed by this polyester material, for example, the material is quite thick, waterproof, and not easily tangled or stretched.

Even so, this material also has the disadvantage that the material does not absorb sweat properly so it will tend to feel hot.

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